Sunday, July 16, 2017

Alexander Springs Recreation Area

Today we went to Alexander Springs for the first time. Partially because the swimming area looked big with a nice variation of depth to suit all of us, and partially to try out our (cheap) new masks and snorkels. We've tried a few recently that were problematically uncomfortable or leaky and the ones we got this time finally worked out well. I was actually getting mine to replace a diving mask that I paid about $75 for, and as far as I'm concerned, this one is as nice for under $20 and comes with a basic snorkel as well.

There was a little damage from Hurricane Irma while we were there, but the swimming area was great. Adjacent to the swimming area, there is a large grassy and shaded area where many people had their picnic blankets and wagons parked.  The swimming area was both more crowded, and more spacious than I expected, so the number of people was never an issue.  This is the largest, and probably most family friendly spring I think we've been to so far.