Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fort Clinch State Park - Beach

Today we finished work and school by about noon and decided to head out to the beach.  We headed to the north end of Jacksonville's beaches, and after meandering for a while, decided to continue north to Fort Clinch State Park.

Florida's parks are all still in various stages of recovery from storm damage after Hurricane Irma, and this one is still dealing with a lack of internet connectivity at the fort's gift shop / ticket booth.  That means cash only for entrance to the fort right now.  

This beach has bathrooms for changing, etc. but it's halfway down the wooden walkway between the parking lot and the beach, so it's not obvious that there are any such facilities when you arrive at the lot.  Very often we've pulled up to a beach and found that we have a car full of people that all need to change into their swimsuits, but without a bathroom available.  For the last few trips, we've brought along a tool that handles this situation perfectly.  It's a pop up "shower tent" that essentially gives you an instant changing room.  There are no poles to insert or anything like that.  You just toss it out of the car and it springs out and sets itself up.  With a little practice, it doesn't take much longer than that to put it away again either.  

At one end of the beach there's a big jetty made of large boulders.  The kids enjoyed climbing on those and somehow they aren't even that slippery.

The beach here is full of shells, shark teeth, even bits of coral.  Places like that tend to have even more things washed up after storms and after Irma, it didn't disappoint.  The kids had a nice collection of conch shells before we left.